Technical Activity Status

Technical Activity Status

Development status and materials related to passed technical BUIPs and other technical activity

BUIP Status

This is a list of interesting and active BUIPs. Some older completed or obsolete BUIPs have been removed. Please edit this page to add technical BUIPs that you are interested in.

BUIP title status delegate materials notes
BUIP033 Parallel Validation complete Peter Tschipper deployed in BU full node
BUIP057 Add BIP135 Support (version bits) complete deployed in BU full node
BUIP077 Group Tokenization ongoing Andrew Stone spec deployed in nextchain
BUIP098 BCH/BSV compromise complete Andrew Stone miners and community chose to split rather than vote
BUIP118/119 CashAccounts complete open spec, test, improved spec (not implemented) It was decided to deploy this in ElectrsCash rather than the full node wallet
BUIP120 immutable stateless storage not started open see Peter Rizun’s CashDrive waiting for a contributor
BUIP129 Finish and Productize the BU voting system ongoing Dagur Beta product Working web site and app
BUIP131/151 Bobtail Prototype ongoing George Bissias In development
BUIP135 Fund DoubleSpend Proofs complete Andrew Stone DS proofs deployed into BU full node
BUIP121/145 Bitcoin Cash Specification ongoing Josh Green (Bitcoin Verde) and Andrew Stone web site Usable as a resource. More details being added.
BUIP152 Wally Wallet beta Andrew Stone here working SPV p2p & electrum wallet

Other Technical Activity

General development activities by Bitcoin Unlimited members do not need a BUIP. For those unfamiliar with the articles, the BU Lead Developer has broad powers to move development forward. BUIPs have 2 purposes; 1. to ensure that a feature will be incorporated into BU before spending the time to develop it, and 2. to block an initiative by the Lead Developer a member disagrees with. However, in general the Lead Developer seeks permission from the membership via BUIP for any major change (i.e. hard fork) so the membership does not need to resort to 2.

This is a list of interesting technical activities undertaken by BU developers but have not become BUIPs.

title status delegate materials notes
BCH explorer stable Andrea Suisani web site Bitcoin Cash blockchain explorer
ElectrsCash stable/integrated Dagur code Electrum protocol server integrated into BU full node
libbitcoincash stable Andrew Stone Shared library, built from the BU full node source code, that provides key wallet functionality. Currently C++, Python, Java/Kotlin support
libbitcoincashkotlin stable Andrew Stone code Shared library that provides full SPV wallet functionality in Kotlin
NextChain testnet development Andrew Stone web site Group tokens, OP_EXEC, OP_PUSH_TX_DATA, OP_PLACE, Big Integers, covenants, MAST
Txunami stable Andrew Stone code High performance testnet transaction generator
Unconfirmed TX limits ongoing Peter Tschipper Limits in the thousands are supported. Effort ongoing to scale any transaction DAG to mempool limits.
Wally Wallet Beta Andrew Stone info Android BCH SPV wallet with a focus on ecosystem development and adoption.