BUIP121: Create formal BCH specifications
Proposer: Jonathan Silverblood
Submitted on: 2019-04-01
Status: passed


The purpose of this BUIP is to develop and maintain a public
specification for the Bitcoin Cash protocol.


This BUIP proposes that we use bitcoin unlimited funds to:

  • Write a formal specification for Bitcoin Cash
  • Maintain a formal specification for Bitcoin Cash


Having a proper and full documentation is beneficial to all projects
that needs to interact with the Bitcoin Cash network.


A maximum expenditure cap of $20,000 is proposed for the technical
author work involved. Due to the uncertain scope of the work, this is an
estimate recommended by solex.


Currently there is a lot of information on how Bitcoin and it’s
derivates operate, but it’s shattered over a large number of resources
and most of it is just descriptions of what the current codebases do.

While developing projects I’ve repeatedly found myself in need of a
specification and have been referred to the concept that the code is the
specification, which is unhelpful. An example of a currently poorly
documented procedure is the Bitcoin Message creation and verification