BUIP118: Implement CashAccount lookup features
Proposer: Jonathan Silverblood
Submitted on: 2019-03-30
Status: passed


The purpose of this BUIP is to build native support for CashAccounts in
Bitcoin Unlimited’s node software. The support includes a registry of
established accounts and their payment data and a public API for
querying this data from wallets.


  • This BUIP proposes that we use bitcoin unlimited funds to:
  • Add code that manages a registry of CashAccounts
  • Add code that allows wallets to query for CashAccount registrations.
  • Add configuration settings to enable/disable public API for wallets.
  • Add configuration settings to enable/disable CashAccount management.


While there already exist several different CashAccount lookup server
implementations already, having a strong redundancy in terms of lookup
nodes helps build resilience against various denial of service attacks.
Having a CashAccount lookup server built into Bitcoin Unlimited pretty
much guarantees that there will always be enough lookup servers in the
wild. It also makes it easier to add support for sending to CashAccounts
in the wallet as well.


Cash Accounts is a protocol for on-chain name-to-payment data, and
allows sending money over the Bitcoin Cash network to be less technical
and more humane.