{ "title":"INV", "related":["/protocol","/protocol/p2p/filterclear", "/protocol/p2p/inv", "/protocol/p2p/MERKLEBLOCK"] }

Inserts a transaction and merkle block filter into the peer

up to 36000 bytes
bloom filter

Effect on Transactions

This message installs a bloom filter into the peer. Subsequent INV notifications and MERKLEBLOCK messages only provide transactions that in match this bloom filter in some manner. The following items in a transaction are checked against the bloom filter:

  • The transaction hash
  • Each data field in every output script in the transaction
    • Most importantly, this allows public keys and public key hashes (essentially bitcoin addresses) to be added to the bloom filter, allowing a wallet to detect an incoming transfer.
  • Each previous output in the transaction
    • This allows a wallet to detect that a different wallet has spent funds that are co-controlled
  • Each data field in every input script in the transaction.

See CBloomFilter::MatchAndInsertOutputs, and CBloomFilter::MatchInputs

Effect on Merkle Blocks

If a filtered block is requested via in INV message, the installed bloom filter is used to choose which transactions are included in the response using the same matching algorithm as described above for transaction INVs.