Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposal Archive and related

To submit a BUIP please post your proposal at

Once we agreed on the number to assign to your proposal and copy-editing
it (if needed), your proposal will be voted by BU members. To pass, your
proposal need to gather a majority BU members votes and at the same time
reach the quorum (see
https://www.bitcoinunlimited.info/resources/BUarticles.pdf, Article 2
for more details).

This is the current list of submitted BUIPs.

Number Title Proposer Submit Status
BUIP001 Extensions to the Bitcoin Client Andrew Stone 2015-11-26 passed
BUIP002 Multi-BIP Scaling Enabler Andrew Clifford 2015-12-30 passed
BUIP003 Andrew Quentson (Aquent) for Secretary Andrew Quentson 2015-12-30 passed
BUIP004 RBF/double spending support Pete Waterland (inca) 2015-12-31 passed
BUIP005 Settings information via coinbase-txn & user-agent Andrew Clifford 2015-12-31 (Revision 1, user-agent, 2016-01-07) passed
BUIP006 Blocktorrent – a torrent-style block data transport freetrader 2016-01-07 closed
BUIP007 Lee Adams (redditchampsys) for president Lee Adams 2016-01-09 closed
BUIP008 Vote Andrew Stone for Developer Andrew Stone (thezerg) 2016-01-09 passed
BUIP009 User-configurable public-key cryptography (let users choose from predefined cryptosystems) Simon Liu 2016-01-09 draft
BUIP010 Xtreme Thinblocks Peter Tschipper 2016-01-10 passed
BUIP011 Andrew Clifford for President Andrew Clifford 2016-01-12 passed
BUIP012 Vote Trevin Hofmann for President Trevin Hofmann 2016-01-13 closed
BUIP013 Upgrade alert system so that Bitcoin Unlimited can send message alerts to node Simon Liu 2016-01-14 (rev 2. 25 Jan 2016, rev 3. 26 Jan 2016) passed
BUIP014 Testing a Bitcoin Unlimited X-Relay Network for miners in mainland China Andrew Clifford 2016-03-03 passed
BUIP015 Decentralize mining with the FAIR PoW algorithm and an user-configurable PoW setting Simon Liu 2016-01-19 draft
BUIP016 Consensus with Classic on txn size limit Andrew Clifford 2016-01-20 passed
BUIP017 Datastream Compression Peter Tschipper 03/20/2016 passed
BUIP018 Bitnodes Seeding and User-Configurable DNS Seeds Simon Liu 2016-04-02 passed
BUIP019 New Members for Election #1 Andrew Clifford 2016-04-29 voted
BUIP020 Implement bit-0 soft-forks (BIPs 9,68,112,113) freetrader 2016-06-09 withdrawn
BUIP021 Proposal for implementation of node performance testing and safe block size estimation and broadcast Peter Waterland 2016-07-18 draft
BUIP022 XInv Peter Tschipper 2016-07-30 draft
BUIP023 Miner block creation latency optimization Andrew Stone 2016-08-1 passed
BUIP024 Extension Blocks with Address Sharding Andrew Stone 2016-08-03 draft
BUIP025 BU “Bronze Sponsor” at Scaling Bitcoin, Milan, Italy Andrew Clifford 2016-09-10 passed crowdfunded
BUIP026 Bounties for Software Exploits Tim Potter (sponsored by Andrew Clifford) 2017-03-29 passed
BUIP027 Satoshi’s Vision - Development & Scaling Conference Andrew Clifford 2016-09-31 passed
BUIP028 Candidacy for Secretary role - digitsu Jerry Chan 2016-09-03 closed
BUIP029 Vote Trevin Hofmann for Secretary Trevin Hofmann 2016-09-06 closed
BUIP030 Website updates Jerry Chan 2016-09-29 closed
BUIP031 New Members for Election #2 Andrew Clifford (solex) 2016-09-30 voted
BUIP032 Vote Peter R for Secretary Peter Rizun (Peter R) 2016-10-05 passed
BUIP033 Parallel Validation Peter Tschipper 2016-10-22 passed
BUIP034 Ecosystem Outreach for Onchain Scaling Andrew Clifford (solex) 2016-10-23 passed
BUIP035 New Bitcoin Unlimited Website Peter Rizun (Peter R) 2016-11-04 passed
BUIP036 New Members for Election #3 Andrew Clifford 2016-11-05 voted
BUIP037 Hardfork SegWit Amaury SECHET 2016-11-12 draft
BUIP038 Revert “sticky gate” Tom Harding (Sponsor: freetrader) 2016-11-27 closed
BUIP039 Upgrade via extension point Amaury SÉCHET 2016-12-04 draft
BUIP040 Emergent Consensus Parameters and Defaults for Large (>1MB) Blocks Andrew Stone 2016-12-05 passed
BUIP041 (BUIP038 Counter) Prevent Minority Hash Power From Injecting Very Large Blocks Andrew Stone 2016-12-07 closed
BUIP042 New Members for Election #4 Andrew Clifford 2016-12-16 voted
BUIP043 Exploring the Bitcoin Network Dr Saralees Nadarajah, @S Nadarajah (Sponsor: Peter Rizun) 2016-12-23 closed
BUIP044 Development Process Amaury SÉCHET 2017-01-09 draft
BUIP045 Unified addresses format for BUIP037 Amaury SÉCHET 2017-01-12 draft
BUIP046 Faster, Higher Quality Publication Process for the Bitcoin Research Journal Ledger Christopher E. Wilmer (BU member, @chriswilmer) 2017-02-17 passed
BUIP047 The Future of Bitcoin - Development & Scaling Conference Antony Zegers (@mengerian) 2017-02-23 passed
BUIP048 New Members for Election #5 Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-03-09 voted
BUIP049 Amend AoC to change membership period Windowly 2017-03-18 closed
BUIP050 Double yes with tie-break question torusJKL 2017-03-18 closed
BUIP051 Add CompactBlocks support freetrader 2017-04-13 passed
BUIP052 Set up dedicated Continuous Integration freetrader 2017-04-15 passed
BUIP053 Tweakable client DoS responses freetrader 2017-05-01 closed
BUIP054 Make AD optional and disabled by default freetrader 2017-05-05 closed
BUIP055 Increase the Block Size Limit at a Fixed Block Height Peter Rizun 2017-05-10 passed
BUIP056 Increase the Block Size Limit at a Support Threshold Tomas van der Wansem (Sponsor: Zangelbert Bingledack) 2017-05-12 passed
BUIP057 Add BIP 135 support (generalized BIP9 version bits) Sancho Panza (Sponsor: Andrea Suisani) 2017-04-14 passed
BUIP058 Dynamic checkpoints freetrader 2017-05-19 withdrawn
BUIP059 Make “sticky gate” optional (disabled by default) freetrader 2017-05-21 draft
BUIP060 New Members for Election #6 Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-05-22 voted
BUIP061 Demonstration of Phase in Full Network Upgrade Activated by Miners LIN Zheming 2017-06-13 draft
BUIP062 Funded Development, aka Devpool Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-08-24 passed
BUIP063 Support Bitcoin Cash with an official implementation Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-09-01 passed
BUIP064 Support Segwit2x with an official implementation Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-09-01 rejected
BUIP065 Gigablock Testnet Initiative Peter Rizun (@Peter R) 2017-08-28 passed
BUIP066 Ecosystem Outreach for Onchain Scaling, Part II Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-09-02 passed
BUIP067 New Members for Election #7 Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-09-09 voted
BUIP068 The Future of Bitcoin 2 Conference Antony Zegers (@Mengerian) 2017-11-01 passed
BUIP069 Academic paper - Mining, Taxation and Public Goods in Bitcoin Nicolai Dimitri (@Nic) 2018-08-01 closed
BUIP070 Support BitPay’s new Bitcoin Cash address format in BUCash Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2017-11-08 passed
BUIP071 Make Bitcoin Cash the “Release” Version of Bitcoin Unlimited Peter Rizun (@Peter R) 2017-11-13 passed
BUIP072 Partially re-weight BU’s funds towards BCH Peter Rizun (@Peter R) 2017-11-13 passed
BUIP073 Fully re-weight BU’s funds towards BCH @Norway 2017-11-13 closed
BUIP074 Sell the Bitcoin Gold portion of BU’s funds for BCH @Windowly 2017-11-16 passed
BUIP075 Counter BUIP of BUIP071 Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2017-11-13 passed
BUIP076 Support Base32 address format in BUCash Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2017-11-17 passed
BUIP077 Enable representative tokens via OP_GROUP on Bitcoin Cash Andrew Stone (@thezerg) 2017-11-19 passed
BUIP078 Enable Binary Contracts in Bitcoin Cash via OP_DATASIGVERIFY Andrew Stone (@thezerg) 2017-11-19 passed
BUIP079 Publication of BUIP vote and election dates in advance Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2017-11-19 draft
BUIP080 New Members for Election #8 Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2017-11-24 voted
BUIP081 Unambiguous definition of 1 year membership period Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2017-11-26 closed
BUIP082 opt-in malleability fix Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2017-12-25 passed
BUIP083 Andrew Clifford for President Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-01-06 passed
BUIP084 Secure BCH coin splitting instructions @79b79aa8 2018-01-11 passed
BUIP085 Double spend relaying Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2018-02-04 passed
BUIP086 bitcoincash: URI format update @Brendan Lee (sponsored by @torusJKL) 2018-02-09 passed
BUIP087 Utilization of “cash” denomination @Ken Shishido 2018-03-18 passed
BUIP088 Double-spend proof creation and forwarding Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2018-03-29 passed
BUIP089 Blockchain Engineer Services Contract Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-04-21 passed
BUIP090 New Members For Election #9 Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-04-25 voted
BUIP091 Move the official BU repository and issue tracker to GitLab Gal Buki (@torusJKL) 2018-08-06 passed
BUIP092 Workshop on Instant Transactions for Bitcoin Peter Rizun (@Peter R) 2018-08-01 passed
BUIP093 Graphene v.2 Improvements and Extensions George Bissias (@bissias) and Brian Levine (@b-lev) 2018-09-21 passed
BUIP094 BCH November upgrade - Re-enable Op Codes Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-08-14 passed
BUIP095 BCH November upgrade - CHECKDATASIG & CHECKDATASIGVERIFY Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-08-14 passed
BUIP096 BCH November upgrade - Enforced lexicographic transaction ordering Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-08-14 closed
BUIP097 New Members For Election #10 Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-08-21 voted
BUIP098 Bitcoin Unlimited’s Strategy for the November 2018 Hard Fork Andrew Stone (@theZerg) 2018-08-21 passed
BUIP101 Set the default value of max blocksize cap (hard limit) to 10 terabyte Norway 2018-08-27 closed
BUIP103 Let’s Build BCH! Hackathon @ Satoshi’s Coffee-house Will C. (Bitcoin Cash Association Mod, sponsor: @solex 2018-09-21 passed
BUIP104 Re-elect Peter Rizun for BU Secretary Peter Rizun 2018-09-22 passed
BUIP105 New Members For Election #11 Andrew Clifford (@solex) 2018-09-22 voted
BUIP106 License Bitcoin Unlimited software under GPLv3 freetrader 2018-12-07 draft
BUIP107 Sell the BCH portion of BU’s funds for BSV Windowly 2018-12-15 closed
BUIP108 Support for the BCH and BSV chains torusJKL 2018-12-30 closed
BUIP109 Andrew Stone for Developer Andrew Stone 2018-12-30 passed
BUIP110 Funded Development, aka Devpool2 solex 2018-12-31 passed
BUIP111 Use BTC over BCH or BSV torusJKL 2019-01-01 draft
BUIP112 New Members for Election #12 solex 2019-01-11 voted
BUIP113 Support Bitcoin SV with an Official Implementation Griffith 2019-04-14 closed
BUIP114 Drop support for the BSV HF Config Parameters in BUCash Griffith 2019-03-27 passed
BUIP115 Drop support for BTC Griffith 2019-03-27 passed
BUIP116 Articles of Federation Clarification Griffith 2019-03-27 closed
BUIP117 Open Letter from BU members to the BCH / BSV communities Christoph Bergmann 2019-04-07 draft
BUIP118 Implement CashAccount lookup features Jonathan Silverblood 2019-03-30 passed
BUIP119 Implement sending to CashAccount Jonathan Silverblood 2019-03-30 passed
BUIP120 Replace LevelDB with an immutable stateless storage design Jonathan Silverblood 2019-03-28 passed
BUIP121 Create formal BCH specifications Jonathan Silverblood 2019-04-01 passed
BUIP122 Remove Norway from membership imaginary_username 2019-04-14 closed
BUIP123 Remove imaginary username from membership bitsko 2019-04-14 closed
BUIP124 New Members for Election #13 solex 2019-05-03 voted
BUIP125 Remove Norway from membership freetrader 2019-05-21 passed
BUIP126 Planet-on-a-LAN stress test model network Jonathan Toomim 2019-05-13 passed
BUIP127 Partially re-weight funds, 50% BTC to BCH Jonathan Toomim 2019-06-05 closed
BUIP128 Fund the Developer Andrew Stone 2019-08-11 passed
BUIP129 Finish and Productize the BU voting system Andrew Stone 2019-08-11 passed
BUIP130 New Members for Election #14 Andrew Clifford (solex) TBD draft
BUIP131 Bobtail Prototype Extending Storm on Bitcoin Unlimited Geroge Bissias 2019-11-06 draft
BUIP132 Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling singularity (sponsored Andrew Clifford, solex) 2019-09-30 draft
BUIP133 Electron Cash Improvements Jonald Fyookball (sponsored by imaginary_username and Andrew Clifford) 2019-10-03 draft
BUIP134 Fund another Developer Peter Tschipper 2019-10-05 draft
BUIP135 Use OKCoin Donation to fund DoubleSpend Proofs Andrew Stone (theZerg) 2019-10-14 draft
BUIP136 Andrew Clifford for president Andrew Clifford 2019-11-09 draft
BUIP137 Funded development (aka Devpool3) Andrew Clifford 2019-11-09 draft
BUIP138 Fund BU’s Chief Scientist Peter Rizun 2019-11-10 draft