BUIP134: Fund another Developer
Proposer: Peter Tschipper
Submitted on: 2019-10-05
Status: draft


I lost my independent funding in September of this year and would like
to continue working on the Bitcoin Unlimited project as a full time
developer as I have been doing for almost the last 4 years, for the
first year I worked free and then later someone stepped forward to fund


This BUIP authorizes 96,000 USD a year (paid monthly in crypto) to
continue this work. (This is the same fee I started with 3 years ago).

Contributions to this project

Over the last years, for those that may not be aware, and aside from the
daily grind of fixing bugs, reviewing code and implementing small
features, I’ve made the following significant contributions:


Parallel Validation

Implemented compact blocks and worked with George Bissias to get the
first graphene implementation working on main net. We now seamlessly
support all three block relay types in BU.

Created the first Bitcoin implementation of CPFP that has the ability to
efficiently mine long unconfirmed chains (currently merged in dev)

You can view my daily contribs here : https://github.com/ptschip

What I’d like to do this next year, time permitting

Giga net testing support and development: I currently have a handful of
PR’s waiting for testing and merging which will improve block and tx
propagation under heavy loads.

Double spend proof implementation.

Research and implement rocksdb in order to see if it can solve some of
our issues around database flushing under stress and also improve
general performance.

Test an implementation using UDP. This has been on my list for a while,
always slips down on the priority scale but would be great to get
something that uses both TCP and UDP and can switch back and forth based
on reliability of the connection which can be monitored using the
request manager.