BUIP132: Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling
Proposer: singularity (sponsored Andrew Clifford)
Submitted on: 2019-09-30
Status: draft


In September 2017 the operational BUIP066 was approved. This BUIP
requested $30,000 for expenditures necessary to continue with further
outreach initiatives building on the results from BUIP034. Since then
there have been a number of things that have happened within the
ecosystem, including a long bear-cycle. Even through this cycle BCH has
managed to hold on as one of the top four biggest cryptocurrencies, and
retained a lot of its community. It is important now that BU refocuses
its efforts in being a leader within the space, and bringing Bitcoin to
the world.


To continue with more outreach initiatives building on the results from
BUIP066. BU is an important and valuable entity within the BCH
ecosystem. Its consistent focus on bringing peer-to-peer electronic cash
to as many people as possible has not wavered, and it is important that
its efforts do not go to waste. By using resources to communicate BU’s
core message and initiatives, not only to the BCH ecosystem but also to
the wider cryptocurrency industry, BUs impact can be amplified. The goal
of this BUIP is to expand the reach BU has within the wider Bitcoin
industry and provide the quality branding that BU deserves to match its
excellent work.


Budget: $30,000 over a six-month period commencing from the date of vote
(if successful).

Commitment of funds will only be made for focused initiatives and costs
directly incurred in ecosystem outreach, social media communication,
messaging, branding and other awareness strategies.

The elected BU officials: President, Secretary and Developer will
jointly agree expenditures for outreach initiatives.


By better communicating the excellent work that BU does within the
ecosystem through the use of visually rich, digestible and branded
messaging, BU will become an even more capable leader for the BCH
ecosystem. It will allow BU to communicate complex but crucial subjects
more effectively while reaching a wider audience. This BUIP will
encourage further engagement and participation of not only the BU
membership but also the wider BCH community in BU, which will offer
significant advantages over the long-term.