BUIP122: Remove Norway from membership
Proposer: imaginary_username
Submitted on: 2019-04-14
Status: closed


A Bitcoin Unlimited member has recently participated in an online
witchhunt that attempts to publicize real-life locations of hodlnaut, an
online personality that insulted prominent BSV leaders. Such an act
endangers the personal safety of regular persons, and he has shown
neither remorse nor ignorance about the potential consequences of his
act. It is my opinion that continued membership of such a malicious
individual impedes future activities of BU, and he should be removed
from membership rosters.


Direct link:

Archived versions of above, as well as snapshot of the act of

http://archive.ph/VYQno http://archive.ph/vujiz

This BUIP will remove member #51 @Norway, aka Stein H Ludvigsen as he
identifies himself, from membership rosters as well as strip him of all
voting powers immediately upon conclusion of voting.

In accordance with the rules clarified here:
it must pass with a majority of votes (greater than 50%) with at least
50% of members voting OR a 75% super-majority of votes with at least 25%
of members voting to take effect. If it does not take effect, another
vote will be barred from proposal for the next 4 months.