BUIP117: Open Letter from BU members to the BCH / BSV communities
Proposer: Christoph Bergmann
Submitted on: 2019-04-07
Status: draft


After the recent drama about the role of Bitcoin Unlimited within or
without BCH or BSV, I thought it would be nice to have an open letter
signed by Bitcoin Unlimited members, directed to the BCH, but also the
BSV community.

To be honest: It makes me sick that BU has been attacked left and right
for trying to act responsible facing a controversial hard fork and for
having members voicing opinions which are not welcomed by some other.
Adressing this in a clear way was the intention of the letter.

Also, it could be very helpful to make clear where BU stands in the
current situation of our unfortunately split Big Block Bitcoin project.
The letter could detail out how other teams can cooperate with Bitcoin
Unlimited. In my opinion, the strategic position of BU has never been
stronger than today. Both BCH and BSV terribly need Bitcoin Unlimited,
and it’s about time to express this with a self-confident letter instead
of saying sorry for staying sane.

I wrote the letter in a rush, expressing a lot of what has gone through
my head during the social media attacks against BU, both after the May
hardfork (when BU was attacked for opposing nChain) and after the
November hardfork (when BU was attacked for not opposing nChain hard
enough). It reflects my personal take on the things, and I am very open
to discuss and change it so it can find support of a maximum number of
BU members.

It’s on github, so everybody can fork it, change it and make pull
requests, which we can discuss openly and transparently. If someone
doesn’t know how to GitHub, I’m happy to help or to take his suggestions
via personal message.

Ideally the letter finds enough support that we can take it as a general
BU statement. If not, we can publish it with the signature of every
members which supports it.

Her’s the letter: