BUIP114: Drop support for the BSV HF Config Parameters in BUCash
Proposer: Griffith 
Submitted on: 2019-03-27
Status: passed


The purpose of this BUIP is to determine if BU is to continue to release
clients supporting BSV HF of BCH


BSV HF should no longer be supported by BU in future releases in the BCH

In the event that this BUIP passes, I will be charged with the task of
making a PR that will remove BSV specific features from the BUCash
client on Github. Before my PR removing BSV specific features is merged,
a new branch should named BSV should be made to preserve the current
release with the BSV features. The new BSV branch will be a snapshot of
the current dev branch unless it is deemed unstable by The Developer in
which case the snapshot will be of the current release branch.