BUIP113: Support Bitcoin SV with an Official Implementation
Proposer: Griffith
Submitted on: 2019-04-14
Status: closed


The purpose of this BUIP is to officially add BSV as a supported coin
with equal status as BCH instead of considering it a HF configuration


BSV should be officially supported by as an independent coin from BCH by
BU in future releases.

In the event that this BUIP passes, BSV will be considered officially
supported by BU as a viable chain that will one day fulfil BU’s
collective vision for peer to peer electronic cash that can scale to
meet global usage.

For reference, BTC was officially supported on the birth of the
organization, BCH support was officially added with BUIP 063, BSV HF
configuration changes support was added in BUIP 098, and BUIP 113 would
officially recognize BSV as a coin and add support for it.