BUIP109: Andrew Stone for Developer
Proposer: Andrew Stone
Submitted on: 2018-12-30
Status: passed


I would like your vote for a second term as the Bitcoin Unlimited
Developer. I have technically steered BU through some years that have
seen amazing changes in the crypto community, and my and BU’s efforts
have been central to many of them. Most notably we technically led a
large block movement which achieved approximately 50% hash power and we
proposed the fork that became Bitcoin Cash. BU has innovated many key
technologies (and one’s role as Developer is to encourage, nurture, and
review, and sometimes contribute to external work, more than it is
making personal contributions – any person can individually contribute)
such as Xthin, Xpedited, Graphene, an efficient block candidate (mining)
interface, blocksdb and many more features. BU has also made innumerable
important “caretaking” improvements to the code, off the top of my head:
code formatting standards, automated formatting, logging, cleaner
locking, useful RPC calls, breaking up large files/routines, large
additions to the QA and test suites, significantly improved fuzz
testing, and much more.

Personally, I have made specific larger technical contributions like
communications traffic shaping, the emergent consensus algorithm,
Xpedited forwarding, Group tokenization, OP_DATASIGVERIFY, and massive
optimization of the transaction processing path. I also have several
proposals in the works which are mostly available in via my medium
account. To illuminate my detailed daily work, according to Github I
have added 45,973 lines and removing 25,230, not including “merge
commits”. This is therefore my personal work and does not include my
official work as Developer (reviewing and merging others’
contributions). I have also engaged the larger community in critical
reviews of other work which has helped push blockchain technology

Thanks for your consideration. Please feel free to ask any questions in
comments to this BUIP and I’ll be happy to respond.