BUIP108: Support for the BCH and BSV chains
Proposer: torusJKL
Submitted on: 2018-12-30
Status: closed


On November 2015 the BCH network split into two (noteworthy) chains.
BCHABC with the ABC rules (hereafter BCH) and BCHBSV with the SV rules
(hereafter BSV).

The BU community is split and no clear preference in regards to which
chain should be supported henceforth can be identified.


Because of the split in the community BU will most possibly not be able
to decide with a majority which chain should be supported in the future.
Thus the motivation of this BUIP is to keep BU compatible with both
until a new vote will overrule this BUIP.


Until a new decision is made, every future BU release most be maintained
for both chains in a way that none of them are neglected in favor of the
other. Security updates and consensus changes should be implemented as
required to be compatible with the respective chain.

A release which does not support the above musn’t be endorsed by BU and
musn’t be made available using the official channels.


Ungoing until canceled by a new BUIP.