BUIP107: Sell the BCH portion of BU's funds for BSV
Proposer: Windowly 
Submitted on: 2018-12-15
Status: closed


Bitcoin Unlimited was originally a group founded to let miners
competitively decide the block size without any central organization of
developers defining limits.

On Nov. 15, the original Bitcoin Cash chain forked, with the BCH side
advocating for 32 mb blocks and the BSV side proposing 128 mb blocks
with plans for totally removing any limit in the immediate future. In
addition to upping the DOS limit, the BSV side has successfully stress
tested 32+ mb blocks.

BSV’s vision most closely coincides with Bitcoin Unlimited’s vision of
free competition, emergent consensus, and no delay in on-chain scaling.
Consequently, this BUIP proposes to sell all BCH coins for BSV.

The trades would be carried out over the months January and February at
the discretion of the President, Secretary and Lead Developer of BU (the
three key holders). Coins will be stored in multisig wallets with keys
held by the three BU officers at all points in time.

After the trades have been completed, the Secretary will report on the
trades to the BU community (no less than 30 days after the last trade).