BUIP103: Let's Build BCH! Hackathon @ Satoshi's Coffee-house
Proposer: Will C. (Bitcoin Cash Association Mod)
Submitted on: 2018-09-21
Sponsor: Anrew Clifford (@solex)
Status: passed


This BUIP is requesting approval for operational funds from the Bitcoin
Unlimited (BU) membership to allocate $60,000 of BU funds to sponsor a
new conference brand: “Satoshi’s Coffee-house”

The Bitcoin Cash ecosphere has added developers and projects at an
aggressive pace. The motivation of “Satoshi’s Coffee-house” is to
facilitate maintaining that growth and assist in its acceleration, in
order to, bring more financial freedom to the world.

The planning and consultation of the conference will continue with the
“Bitcoin Cash Association” and the ABC team to provide the best possible
experience. While proceeding with the ongoing negotiations with
Bitcoin.com, Cointext, and Bitmain. We will seek additional sponsors and
professional organizers to assist with planning and running the

Location and Date*

Proposed location: Las Vegas NV, USA

Proposed date: 16-17 February 2019

(*)subject to change if deemed necessary by conference organizers.


The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for developers to
interact, discuss, network, and present their ongoing or upcoming
projects with the Bitcoin Cash community within the North American
region. The Hackathon also intends to bring new developers into the
ecosystem and challenge existing ones. Hackathons foster creativity,
problem-solving and new ideas, which, may bring new tools into the
ecosystem and increase Bitcoin Cash adoption.

Goals for the conference include:

  1. To bring members of the multiple open-source implementations to the
    North American region to present their code, projects, or relevant
    topic with the community.
  2. To provide a platform for developers of current projects, released
    or in-development, to present their upcoming features, plans, use
    cases, code, and engage with the community.
  3. To support new developers by leveraging a hackathon with the
    Bitcoin.com and Bitmain team running for 1 month remotely. This
    format could be a differentiator from other hackathons that go for a
    weekend because there is only so much quality that a team can
    produce in a couple of days. A segment of the conference will be
    dedicated to the hackathon participants.
  4. Attendance will be targeted to be around 450 attendees. The duration
    of the conference will be 2 days and planned to be at the Venetian
    in Las Vegas.
  5. The intent is to provide high-quality video recordings and
    live-streaming of the Event.
  6. There will be an open “call for proposals” for presentations. The
    conference will do its best to make the program be inclusive and
    representative of various groups in the Bitcoin Cash community.
  7. Funding to pay expenses for keynote speakers/attendees. Partial
    expenses may be offered on a case-by-case basis.

The “Satoshi Vision Conference” in Tokyo generated enthusiasm in the
Bitcoin Cash community. The goal of “Let’s Build BCH!” is to keep that
momentum in motion by supporting BCH developers. A hackathon will
highlight the community’s fortitude and dedication to the long-term
growth of the ecosystem despite a bear market. The support and
interaction with developers will signal that adoption is of the utmost
importance to Bitcoin Cash’s users.