BUIP101: Set the default value of max blocksize cap (hard limit) to 10 terabyte
Proposer: Norway
Submitted on: 2018-08-27
Status: closed 


EDIT 1 September, 2018: Just to be clear, this is a proposal to set the
default value of EB (Excessive Blocksize) to 10 terabyte. The user may
adjust this value up or down.

The motivation of this proposal is to move the judgement of what max
blocksize cap is safe from Bitcoin Unlimited to the individual miners.

The size of how large blocks a miner will or can accept should be a
matter of competition. Not a green light from developers for what’s safe
for everybody, no matter how little you invest in hardware and network

Competition in this space have the potential to drive development.
Specialized software and hardware (GPU, ASIC) for transaction handling
will develop faster under competitive conditions.

Finally, I’d like to quote Gavin Andresen on the topic:

Yes, let’s eliminate the limit. Nothing bad will happen if we do. And
if I’m wrong, the bad things would be mild annoyances, not existential
risks, much less risky than operating a network near 100% capacity.