BUIP087: Utilization of "cash" denomination
Proposer: @Ken Shishido
Submitted on: 2018-03-18
Status: passed


We propose “cash” as the standard term for 100 (one hundred) satoshi or
1/1,000,000 (one one-millionth) of a bitcoin cash (BCH). Further, we
propose the unofficial ISO code “XCH” to represent a cash unit
(millionth of a BCH unit).


BCH strives for the worldwide adoption, and unit denomination and
calculation must be easy for the average users for daily transactions.
And, it needs to to be differentiated from Bitcoin Core (BTC) to avoid


  1. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, has described Bitcoin as
    “A Peer to Peer Electronic “Cash” System” in the white paper.
  2. BTC now uses “bits” for 1/1,000,000 (one one-millionth). BCH can
    differentiate itself from “bits”, and “cash” should be the easy word
    to use for all the people around the world.
  3. “bits” is similar to "bitte, which is an obscene slang word in
    French and BCH would like to be user-friendly to the Francophone
  4. Another unit name would not be needed in the future. Because a
    Starbucks coffee would be 3,000 cash today. (say $3.00 for a cup
    based on 1BCH being $1,000). When BCH price increases 1,000 times
    from today, it will be 3 cash for a coffee, which is easy enough for
    everyone in the world.
  5. Governments around the world are phasing out the production and use
    of their cash, and cash has become the very small part of the money
    supply. BCH would like to take this opportunity to inherit the word
    “cash” and the function from the governments.
  6. Using the ISO code XCH permits easy representation of Bitcoin Cash
    amounts in all mainstream fnancial and accounting computer systems.
    Eight decimal places is not supported in most financial systems and
    this is a massive hurdle to mainstream adoption.

Potential benefits of utilizing “cash” includes:

- Reduce user error on small bitcoin amounts. - Reduce unit bias for
users that want a “whole” bitcoin. - Allow easier comparisons of prices
for most users. - Allow easier bi-directional comparisons to fiat
currencies. - Allows all UTXO amounts to need at most 2 decimal places,
which can be easier to handle. - XCH conforms to the ISO 4217 standard
for transnational currencies, and is supportable in legacy mainstream
financial systems,



  1. 1 cash = 100 satoshi. Plural of “cash” is the same “cash”. The term
    “cash” is should not be capitalized unless used at the start of a
  2. the code XCH to be used to represent 1 cash , as above.

All BCH-denominated items are encouraged to also show the denomination
in “cash”, either as the default or as an option. Some wallet
applications which show “bits” will need to be approached about changing

As BCH grows in price versus fiat currencies, it’s important to give
users the ability to quickly and accurately calculate prices for
transactions, savings and other economic activities. The idea of this
BIP is to formalize this name. Additionally, “cash” is likely the only
other denomination that will be needed for BCH as 0.01 cash = 1 satoshi,
meaning that two decimal places will be sufficient to describe any
current utxo.

Existing terms used in BTC such as milli-bitcoin (mBTC) micro-bitcoin
(µBTC) etc are irrelevant to BCH It is recommended that “µBCH” in the
full node wallet be replaced with the option of “cash” or “XCH”.


“cash” denomination has been discussed and proposed by many people
before. Authors of this BUIP take no credit for inventing the term.


HandCash and Electron Cash
(version 3.1.6)
have already
implemented “cash”.


(Special thanks to Jimmy Song)


- Ken Shishido - Jonald Fyookball - Andrew Clifford [XCH proposal]