BUIP079: Publication of BUIP vote and election dates in advance
Proposer: Gal Buki (@torusJKL)
Submitted on: 2017-11-19
Status: draft


Bitcoin Unlimited needs a healthy voting participation. Many members
might not be very active on the forum and some have missed voting


Implementing a system that will give people the possibility to check
less often and still be able to know about all voting dates.


Voting dates will be published at least 12 months in advance. Members
would need to check not more than twice a year and mark the dates for
themselves. Setting the dates remains the discretion of the secretary
but there need to be a minimum of 4 dates per calendar year. The
blank-voting dates of Switzerland
(https://www.admin.ch/ch/d/pore/va/vab_1_3_3_1.html) could be used
as a reference.


The BU Articles document, Article 2, IV will be amended with he

Voting dates are published at least 12 months advance notice on the BU
communication channels. Each calendar year shall have no less than 4
voting dates spread over the whole year. Dates can be removed if they
are not yet within the advance notice window. If there is no BUIP ready
for voting on a predefined date than the voting will not take place and
the date will not rescheduled. The predefined dates can be used for
votes, elections or both at the same date.