BUIP073: Fully re-weight BU's funds towards BCH
Proposer: @Norway
Submitted on: 2017-11-13
Status: closed

Go “Bagatell Berserk”

With the failure of the NYA network upgrade scheduled for Block 494,784,
it has become increasingly clear that the BTC token has limited long
term viability due to extremely high transaction fees and unreliable
confirmations. This BUIP proposes to convert all BU’s holdings in BTC to

We should tie BU to the mast and go down with the ship if BCH fails. If
BCH succeeds, we will be better positioned to advance the bitcoin we

The trades would be carried out as soon as possible at the discretion of
the President, Secretary and Lead Developer of BU (the three key
holders). Coins will be stored in multisig wallets with keys held by the
three BU officers at all points in time.

Conflict of Interest

The author holds both BTC and BCH tokens.