BUIP066: Ecosystem Outreach for Onchain Scaling, Part II
Proposer: Andrew Clifford (@solex)
Submitted on: 2017-09-02
Status: draft


In early November 2016 the operational
BUIP034 was approved. This BUIP requested
$30,000 for expenditures necessary to take the messages of onchain
scaling and the BU vision to decision-makers in as many of the Bitcoin
ecosystem companies as possible. Also do what is possible to counter the
small-blocker disinformation campaign which has been so effective in
keeping Bitcoin capacity crippled. The approved funds for this purpose
were spent in several different ways: Delegations were sent to China in
late November 2016 and late March 2017 for meeting various mining pool
owners, exchanges, mining hardware makers, and making presentations at
events. A number of conferences were attended by BU officers, in each
case representing the organization and while not always formally
speaking, no opportunity was wasted to advance the cause of onchain
scaling, decentralized development, and other aspects of BU’s vision. A
campaign of reddit advertising on r/Bitcoin and r/btc was undertaken in
2017 using this funding. Meetings and presentations at individual
companies. Funding of the high-fee transaction website.

The following summary was presented recently with the draft accounts:


To continue with more outreach initiatives building on the results from
BUIP034. It remains worthwhile to continue meeting CEOs, CTOs and staff
in bitcoin businesses. There is also a new landscape since Bitcoin Cash
has been launched because it is now possible to try and win back many of
the use-cases which have been squeezed out from Bitcoin due to the high
fees and transaction limit, so outreach efforts are not limited to
simply persuading people that Bitcoin can scale, but to direct them to a
Bitcoin that is ready to scale!


Budget: $30,000 over a six-month period commencing from the date of vote
(if successful). Commitment of funds will only be made for focused
initiatives and costs directly incurred in ecosystem outreach, of a
similar nature to those undertaken in BUIP034. The elected BU officials:
President, Secretary and Developer will jointly agree expenditures for
outreach initiatives.


The stream is becoming unblocked on several fronts. Bitcoin Cash is
ready and able to grow its global usage. Segwit2x may yet permit real
scaling in Bitcoin. Whatever happens, 2017 is a crucial year for
Bitcoin, especially with such a high price level where the market is
expecting hundreds of times more volume than the meagre 3 TPS (or a
similarly meagre Segwit 5 TPS)

BU expenditures on outreach can only help realise true scaling
initiatives so that Bitcoin investors’ and users’ expectations are met.