BUIP062: Funded Development, aka Devpool
Proposer: Andrew Clifford (@solex)
Submitted on: 2017-08-24
Status: draft


Since BU was formed as an organization in November 2015 it has relied
upon a combination of volunteer developers and some directly funded by
BU supporters. A lot has been achieved, however, the practice of funding
development authorised on a per project basis through directed BUIPs
removes a lot of flexibility for general maintenance, housekeeping,
refactoring, QA, none of which is functionally significant warranting a
BUIP. Further, some BUIPs are passed authorising changes but do not have
directed funding included.

The drawbacks in this model are particularly acute now that two separate
clients are being maintained, one for the existing 1MB network (and
possible SW2X support), the other for the Bitcoin Cash network.


The objective of this proposal is to enable funding of project
development, short-name “Devpool”, at the discretion of the Bitcoin
Unlimited Lead Developer, @theZerg.

Project Duration

The funds authorised on this BUIP are for a maximum of one year. Any
unspent funds revert to the consolidated fund, and a subsequent BUIP
will need to be approved to continue funded development for a further

Project Team

Developers who wish to offer their services for project work are invited
to PM theZerg directly on this forum or make contact via GitHub.
Developers being paid are contractors who are responsible for their own
accounting and tax reporting. Payment will be offered in either BTC or
BCC (BCH), but not in fiat currency. Note, that in the event a BCC
payment is required then BTC will be routed through an exchange (such as
Shapeshift) to obtain the required BCC.

Summary of Approved Projects

  1. Passed BUIPs automatically qualify.
  2. General maintenance, housekeeping, refactoring, QA and other
    discretionary work also qualify.

Description of Activities

The BU Developer has oversight of the projects, and work parcels, he
allocates or executes work within project descriptions which he drafts
and posts to this forum for general information.

Anticipated Challenges and Uncertainties

Standard development issues only.


The budget for the development pool is $160,000 This is equivalent to a
projected average of $80 per hour for 2000 hours. It is expected that
several funded projects will be concurrent on occasion, but also that no
funded projects might be active at other times, depending upon

The BU President and Secretary will co-authorise drawdown of these funds
at the recommendation of the BU Developer when contracted developer
invoices are presented for work completed. All projects to be
individually named and separated in the annual accounts.


The overall pace and quality of BU development is expected to be
improved by this initiative resulting in more BU full nodes in the
global Bitcoin network, supporting large-blocks specifically and
onchain-scaling generally.