BUIP050: Double yes with tie-break question
Proposer: torusJKL
Submitted on: 2017-03-18
Status: draft


In case of a counter BUIP the Article of Federation states the

“If a counter-BUIP is proposed, voting occurs in a twofold manner: first
each member votes his preference, BUIP, counter, or none, with a 33%
majority. Then if the BUIP or counter-BUIP wins, each member votes to
accept it or not with the normal majority requirement. Note that members
could make both votes simultaneously (I vote for the counter, but if
BUIP wins I vote to accept it), depending on the Secretary’s
implementation of this process.”

The need of a 33% majority is in favor of the status quo because the
members wanting a change might need more than the normal required 51%
for a regular vote (between 33% and 66% combined)


I propose that we use a system that is established in Switzerland:
Double Yes with a tie-break question (Doppeltes Ja mit Stichfrage)

The above paragraph should be removed and replaced with the following:

“If a counter-BUIP is proposed, members can vote for one, both or none
of the BUIP/counter-BUIP (hereafter BUIP). Independent of their vote
(including abstention on one or both BUIP) the members can define which
BUIP they want to adopt should both be accepted (tie-break question). In
case of the tie-break the BUIP with a simple majority of all tie-break
votes (not including abstentions) is adopted.”