BUIP030: Website updates
Proposer: Jerry Chan
Submitted: 2016-09-29
Status: closed

Given the launch of the renewed adoption campaign after a successful
Satoshi’s Vision conference, it seems that we need to update the website
as part of the outreach initiative in order to get the information out
there about BU and what it stands for, the team members, and the roadmap
ahead. This will serve the goal of reinforcing our commitment to the
client, instilling confidence on the miners that they can depend on the
quality of the developer team, and that we have a strategic vision for
Bitcoin, and not just trying to solve a short term problem.

Here are some bullet points for items

  1. Clarify Vision, and commitment to work cooperatively with other
    Bitcoin implementation clients.
    We believe in decentralization of clients, is the best way for the
    Bitcoin ecosystem to grow and strengthen. Much like how diversification
    of UNIX implementations allowed for the survival and eventual dominance
    of *NIX systems in the industry, Bitcoin must diversify to allow for
    different clients to develop independently, so that no one failure or
    bug in one client can ever severely affect the operation of the

  2. Add Developer and member Bios. This will allow for people to get to
    know the team and to feel more secure in the trust they put in us when
    they run our software. All executive positions MUST be fully
    transparent. Members may be pseudonymous but have public voting keys and
    at least member status (how long have they been a member etc)

  3. All BUIPs should be easily accessible on the website, with current
    voting status. Voting schedules should be easily accessible.

  4. List of current projects/subtask contracts (what others call
    bounties) that are outstanding and who is working on them. This allows
    for interested developers to instantly see what task force they can
    immediate help contributing to.

  5. Perhaps only partially related to outreach/website, is the notion
    that the installation of the client should be made easier. Currently it
    is a bit clunky for a new user to just download and run it. Perhaps a
    packaged version or dockerized container version would be easier to use.