BUIP029: Vote Trevin Hofmann for Secretary
Proposer: Trevin Hofmann
Submitted: 2016-09-06
Status: closed

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About Me

Hello! I am in my fourth and final year at the Milwaukee School of
Engineering (MSOE) as a software engineering student. Software has
always been my primary passion. In particular, I have been most
interested in open source software, applied cryptography, and Bitcoin.
My résumé is available at

Bitcoin & Me

I first discovered Bitcoin in early 2013 in a news article about capital
controls in Cyprus. After the summer of 2013, I moved to Milwaukee to
begin my software engineering degree at MSOE. During the first quarter,
I was extremely fortunate to begin working remotely for Bitalo, a
European Bitcoin company. With this job, I learned more about the inner
workings of Bitcoin while developing a mining pool, a mobile
multisignature wallet, and an escrow-based marketplace. Bitcoin is the
most fascinating application of cryptography that I have found so far,
and I have been passionately involved with it ever since discovering

Bitcoin Unlimited & Me

Bitcoin thrives on diversity and decentralization. Today, a single
Bitcoin node implementation dominates the ecosystem. Given my belief
that Bitcoin would benefit from a more diverse set of node
implementations, I sought to contribute to an alternative to Bitcoin
Core. I chose Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) due to its approach to the block
size limit and other consensus rules. Rather than forcing consensus
rules to its users in a top-down approach, BU puts the users in control
of their own nodes’ configuration. I was skeptically optimistic of BU’s
viability when first joining the project, but I have since become much
more confident in its model of emergent consensus.

As a member of BU, I have contributed to the website’s development,
maintenance, and deployment. I have also created our Slack organization
and maintained it with the help of Andrew Quentson
(@Aquent) and others (message me
for an invitation!).

Bitcoin Unlimited’s Secretary

I am offering my candidacy for the role of Bitcoin Unlimited’s
Secretary, which has been vacant since Andrew Quentson’s resignation.
Andrew has been very helpful as Secretary, and I wish to continue this
role with even greater involvement. Per the BU Articles of Federation, I
would assist with recording and publishing BUIPs and their vote results,
fostering conversation in public forums, and potentially moderating
discussion by moving content when applicable.


Thank you very much for taking the time to consider my candidacy for
Bitcoin Unlimited’s Secretary role. If you have questions or comments,
please reply to this post or message me directly.

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