BUIP027: Satoshi's Vision - Development & Scaling Conference
Proposer: Andrew Clifford
Submitted: 2016-09-31
Status: passed


This is an Operational BUIP requesting BU membership approval for the
expenditure to hold a small conference for the purpose of bringing
together noted* Bitcoin developers to overview, discuss, critique and
prioritize many of the leading software enhancements which enable a far
higher capacity for transactional throughput on-chain.
* active developers of any full-node implementation who also support
the on-chain scaling ethos.


This conference has several strands:

  1. Reaffirmation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision described in his

    2008 whitepaper and later forum correspondence.

  2. Make the case for multiple implementations, i.e. decentralized

    development, resolving the last major centralizing force within
    the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  3. Presentations: Selected items drawn from the Bitcoin Unlimited

    proposed development

  4. Panel and breakout discussions to debate specific on-chain scaling


  5. Networking: CTOs from Bitcoin ecosystem businesses will be invited

    to participate.

  6. Prepare the groundwork for paid developers to enhance BU full-node

    software on a per-project basis which are approved by technical

  7. Publicity for BU itself as a growing centre of development

    excellence for Bitcoin full-node software.


Budget: $20,000 with a further $5,000 reserve if necessary.
BU to be the major sponsor for the event but will attempt to mitigate
costs by attracting additional sponsorship.
Funds to cover the conference room, catering and direct conference
expenses for approximately 10 attendees. Externally invited attendees
are additional but not reimbursed for expenses. (estimate ~10)

Edit: Funds to be available for live-streaming of the presentations
and panel discussions. Recordings of these will be made available. Also,
the keynote presentations will be translated into major languages and
then available later on.

Location and Date:

San Francisco area (TBD).
September 25th (provisional date) but the option exists to defer if