BUIP025: BU "Bronze Sponsor" at Scaling Bitcoin, Milan, Italy
Proposer: Andrew Clifford
Submitted: 2916-09-10
Status: passed

Executive BUIP asking members for approval to spend BU funds.

This BUIP proposes that BU becomes a “bronze sponsor” for the
[https://scalingbitcoin.org/milan2016/ ''Scaling Bitcoin*]
conference in Milan, Italy. This will be the third “Scaling Bitcoin”
conference and will be held October 8-9th. Although this conference
series is arguably biased towards the “small block” perspective, the
conferences have been well run and the talks have received wide
exposure. Face-to-face meetings like this are important for sharing
ideas and avoiding some of the “harshness” of on-line-only debates. As
per the BU Articles, funds can only be allocated to sponsor this event
if this BUIP is passed. Here are the details:


  • $1000 less the amount in Directed donations.
  • To be paid from BU Project fund (current balance of $2650)


  • Our Bitcoin Unlimited logo would be displayed on the conference
  • Two tickets would be reserved for BU members who want to attend
  • Public show of support for the initiative.
  • Opportunity to formally present Xthin and Xpedited to the dev

Conference Website:

*Directed donations address:’’
If directed donations reach $1000 equivalent then no vote on the BUIP
will be required.

Thanks to @Peter R for promoting
this which is part of our ongoing attempt to win hearts and minds in the
wider development community. Unlike the first two scaling conferences
this one is being held at a time when Bitcoin’s network effect has been
arrested. It is a last throw of the dice to get real support for
on-chain scaling.

EDIT: Ample funds are now received for BU Bronze-level sponsorship
of this event.