BUIP007: Lee Adams (redditchampsys) for president
Proposer: Lee Adams
Submitted: 2016-01-09
Status: closed

About me: I’m passionate
about User Experience and Agile development. I got into bitcoin during
the Apr 2013 price spike, because I was fed up with cash and wanted an
alternative. The price rise was serendipitous as I had started to
transfer funds [to mtGox!!] before the price really took off. I never
really made any money, because I invested too much during the spike to
1000+. I am a developer (mainly in C#) and am also a Certified Scrum

Why I’m
I am floored that such a decentralised idea has become so utterly
centralised in its thought leadership. I am dismayed, but not surprised,
that there is such division in the community and wish to do my best to
mend it. I know that cryptocurrencies will become the next internet/web
(in terms of mass-adoptance).

My side on the block size limit: I do not really have one. I genuinely
can see both sides of the argument. As a hodler I feel betrayed, because
a block size limit was not what I signed up for (I didn’t read the small
print, just the FAQ). As a software engineer I can see an enormous risk
in a purposeful hard fork (the only other real one in bitcoin’s history
being accidental). As an economist/investor I can see… absolutely
nothing until it has been tested by the market.

Basically I believe that either bitcoin will survive this block limit
debate or another cryptocurrency will replace it as the network effect

What I would be focussed on as president: I would try to be neutral in
all things. I think my reddit profile suggests, that I detest censorship
of ideas, but I am not committed to any particular side (which is what I
really like about BU). I believe that any organisation MUST be run by
its members and that members MUST have the final say in any decision. I
understand that any member has every right to be anonymous, but that the
organisation must (small caps) protect itself against electoral
This is a VERY
difficult balance. My ideas on how to do this can be expressed by the
constitution I put together for a failed non-profit bitcoin
organisation in the
. I
would put together a membership committee (with public meetings) or open
forum that vetted membership, to which any decision could be appealed to
majority vote of the existing

Finally I understand that the President has virtually no powers
whatsoever, no remuneration and very little station. It would also
require a lot of time and effort. You would have to be mad to apply.

Lee Adams